Visit Galway

3rd July

As this year we have a mate group leaving in Oranmore, a little village 10 minutes away from Galway, we have the great opportunity to visit this lively city and know it from the best guides ever!

Galway or ‘Gaillimh’, as it’s known in the native Irish language, is situated on the picturesque west coast of Ireland. It is one of the five counties in the province of Connacht. It gets its name from the River Corrib (or River Gaillimh, as it was once known) that formed the western boundary of the earliest settlement, which was called Dún Bhun na Gaillimhe (“Fort at the mouth of the Gaillimh”).

With it’s reputation, association and close links with the Irish culture, language, music, song and dance traditions, Galway has become fondly known as Ireland’s Cultural Heart. The county is well known for its “Irishness”, due to its designated Gaeltacht regions throughout the county. A Gaeltacht region is an area where its inhabitants largely speak the native Gaelic Irish as their first language. Galway has the largest population of remaining native Irish speakers in Ireland.