The 10th of July.

We met eachother earlier than usual, at 8.30 a.m. We took the bus and we arrived to the field where we were going to play the gaelic games. Just after arriving there, we realised that first we had to go to visit Croke Park instead, so we had to take another bus to get there. We had the opportunity to visit the whole stadium. At first, we visited the players' dressing room and we learned about the different teams which are represented by every county. The tour guide explained to us how the competition works. After that, we walked out to the pitch like we were real players and we sat down in the seats. There, we sang a Basque song together and then, Caolán and the tour guide sang the Irish national anthem. It was really moving. Then, we visited the museum and we had lunch very fast because we had to take the bus to go play Irish games.

The afternoon was really exciting. At first, a man explained to us the meaning that Irish games have in Irish culture and then we went to play them. First, we played hurling, then gaelic football and finally handball. We all were exhausted in the end.