The 6th of July we went to Connemara national park. We had a  a long journey by bus which lasted 4 hours and a half. When we arrived we met  with the other group to have lunch. When we finished we climbed a hill called " Diamond Hill".  Then we went to the hostel and  everyone was involved in a game. The game consisted  that if you speak Spanish someone  gives  you a bracelet . Some people went to wach the soccer match between Belgium and Brazil. There were people that volunteered to prepare the dinner: Oier Elortza, Iker Aiartzaguena and Olatz. We had  dinner and then  we went to the bed. 

The next day we woke  up early and ate some breakfast. We visited Kylemore Abbey, this part of Ireland    is used by nuns and nowadays is a museum. The church was beautiful.Elizabeth was  in Egypt on holidays and  a snake bit her, as a consequence of that she died. Her body was carried to Ireland and they made  a mausoleum with the family 's bodies inside. Later we visited the gardens and they were beautiful when we finished we had lunch and then we went to the bus. We arrived home  late . The trip was very interesting.