Last Saturday we went to Belfast. It was two hours on the bus. We arrived at 11Am. When we arrived we went to a shopping centre to try to have views of the city. At 12am we started the tour about the Ira and the English war. Irati was the basque tour guide and the other guide was an ex-political prisioner  he was in prison with Bobby sands. We went to a remembrance garden with a big statue in the center with the members that had died in service. Later we saw the murals and they explained all the history about them. The first mural that we saw was the freedom mural about Palestine, Catalunya and the Basque Country. We had a break and we visited a little museum about the republicans and inside it was a replica cell for the women prisoners. The museum made me feel respect for the people and families of the dead and that they had to suffer from the English army.  We saw the murals were there were a lot of Famous people like Nelson Mandela, Gandhi. We saw Bobby sands mural, he started the hunger strike and was also on the dirty protest. When he died 1000 people went to his funeral.  The visit was very interesting but we didn't have so much time to see all the things.