We arrived in Belfast after a journey of 2 hours by bus. It was 11:00 a.m. when we arrived. As the tour was at 12, we went for a walk. The weather was really good, sunny and warm. We went sightseeing for an hour and, after that, we met the couple that was suposed to take us for the tour. One of them, was a basque girl called Irati that was working and living in Belfast. The other man was an ex-political prisoner. The man told us his experience in the riots and fights with the British. He also explained to us why he had been in prison. The tour started in front of a house. After that, we moved to a rememberance garden in which, on the walls were writen the names of the people that were killed in the riots. Then, the couple explained the meaning of some murals. Irish people thought that murals were the best resource to express their feelings and worries, as well as their dissagreements. The murals were changed and replaced depending on the current situation in the world. After, we went to see the Irish republican museum. It was amazing. We could see a copy of a real cell and some weapons that the irish used to defend themselves. As the story was very similar to the situation that we have in the Basque Country, it was really touching for me.