This is a web-page which has been developed by Ikastolen Elkartea as a support tool for the teachers and students involved in the ‘Enjoy Eire’ programme for the June-July 2018 trip to Ireland.  There are three main reasons for the trip – to learn about and to experience Irish culture, to learn English, but also to have a great holiday!

The trip consists of various outings (visits) that you can see on this page, with some days in school, but also time with the host families.

If you click on a student’s name, you can read what that particular student has written in English about the outings, and also see some pictures and photographs of their choice.

This year, the students are divided into two different groups. Some of them are visiting Oranmore, a very quiet and friendly village 5 minutes away from Galway city, while others will be staying in a coastal neighbourhood of Dublin city. Nevertheless, the groups will share time together during the various Saturday outings, and they will also share this webpage so that their personal experiences are more generally connected.

Click on ‘Oranmore’ or ‘Dublin’ and start your Enjoy Eire experience!